Collectie-Arnhem 'Collectie-Arnhem' is a project that takes place in the third academic year of the Fashion Design bachelor at ArtEZ Institute of the Arts. The students work together to realise a collection. All aspects of the development of a collection are addressed during the project. Design, sampling, styling, presentation, show, sales and production; the complete design cycle. The development of design talent is not the only matter of importance within Collectie-Arnhem. Entrepreneurial elements such as funding, teamwork, business and organizational skills are also stimulated within the project. Collectie-Arnhem is a unique project; in this manner ArtEZ incorporates the professional practice with education.
In recent years Collectie-Arnhem has enjoyed the attention of both national and international press and the collections have been received with enthusiasm. Previous editions have been sold in leading stores such as Colette in Paris, Zero in New York, Kiki Niesten in Maastricht, SKY and Soepboer&Stooker in Amsterdam, Arnhem Coming Soon and de Bijenkorf Arnhem.
Collectie-Arnhem is made possible with the support of ArtEZ and the Made in [Arnhem] campaign. As a green and creative city, the council is proud of the up and coming creative talent that ArtEZ presents with the collection.